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Coffee Fundraising

Our Fundraising Coffee program has been running strong for several years on our sister site: We have been extending our schools fundraising programs by making their products available here on These organizations have had successful sales that have been extended to year-round sales so they can fundraise through residual sales for a year after their catalog sale is over. Our regular retail customers can help by looking at our Coffee Funded page and purchasing something from one of our fundraising organizations.

On-Line Coffee Fundraisers

On our other webpage, organizations can sign up to run an On-line Coffee Fundraiser to make money for their school, sports team, or church.  They can have an online coffee sale that they promote through their social media.  They can post on Facebook and invite their Facebook friends to buy their coffee to raise money for their organization.  Email promotion is another way they can get the news out about their sale.  The social media possibilities for your "Coffee Fundraiser" are limitless.  Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest are all avenues to reach their supporters.  They can get a quick boost to their sales periodically by reminding people that the sale is still active each week or month for up to a year.

Catalog Sales

Groups can also complete their Coffee Fundraiser through advanced sales form a catalog.  Catalog sales are great for organizations because there is not set-up costs or risk to the organization.  They can sell to their supporters in advance and deliver the coffee about two weeks after the sale closes.  Most sales last about two weeks.  Each member has the power to reach a unique set of supporters and tell them about their organization and its mission.  Groups will have custom printed sales sheets that help promote the group’s main mission.

Event and Fair Sales

Some groups choose to preorder their coffee and sell them at a choir winter concert or spring festival or fair.  Many groups have an audience that is just looking for a way to further support the group.  Setting a table up to sell a coffee fundraiser outside an event that is already going to happen is very easy and profitable.  Festivals and fairs are also great places to set up a coffee fundraising sale.  Brew some flavored coffee and let the aroma bring people to your coffee sale.

Flavored Coffee Fundraiser

Flavored coffee Fundraisers are a great way to make money for your group because there is a flavor to appeal to everyone.  Some of the Flavored Coffee choices include Southern Pecan Coffee, Hazelnut Coffee, and Crème Brule Coffee.  Breakfast Blend, French Roast and Decaf Breakfast blend are also available in the fundraising catalogs.  Did you know that 7 out of 10 Americans drink coffee every week and 62% of Americans drink coffee every day?  (National Coffee Association 2020) This makes coffee an incredible opportunity for many organizations.  Since coffee is a consumable product reorders throughout the year keep your organization making money throughout the year.

In summary Coffee Funded helps organizations raise money for their groups with Coffee Fundraisers that are easy and efficient.  Check out this video to see How It Works

Look out for our next article about Private Label and Custom Branded Coffee.